Senior Citizen Insurance

Old age brings with itself several ailments that are expensive to treat and care for. Health insurance for Senior Citizens is offered by various insurance companies, specifically for people who are aged 60 years and above. These senior citizen health insurance covers all kinds of medical expenses depending on the company's terms &conditions.A sudden medical emergency can result in a financial crisis. Senior citizen health insurance plan is a necessity, especially when you are planning to retire and live on pension or interest income from savings. Health insurance schemes for senior citizens/parents offer, various special features like cashless hospitalization, critical illness coverage, specific coverage for diseases like Cancer, Stroke and so on.

Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Hospitalization cover including medical bills and room charges Pre-existing disease coverage Pre-existing diseases are covered based on the insurance provider No medical test required before availing medical insurance. This is based on Day Care expenses which arise out of technological advancements Ambulance Charges are covered Higher sum insured coverage Cashless Hospitalisation Faster and hassle-free settlement

Advantages of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

Avail treatment and medical facilities across a host of hospitals across the nation Renewal of policy option Enjoy Cashless treatment and daily allowance (depends on insurer) Tax benefit on medical insurance premium Enjoy free-look period Avail health check-ups annually Domiciliary Hospitalization cover

Benefits ofSenior Citizens Health Insurance

*Hospital Expense Cover
Expenses incurred on a patient if the hospitalization (cashless treatment) is more than 24 hrs, including room charges, doctor fees, nursing fees, cost of medicine and drugs, etc.
*Existing diseases
Existing diseases are also covered, subject to terms and conditions of the policy.
*Medical Expenses
Medical costs prior and post hospitalization provided the number of days is variable.
*Ambulance charges
Ambulance charges for transporting the insured, subject to maximum limit.
*Day care cost
Day care costs which arise from use of special equipments or procedures like chemotherapy, dialysis, etc.


*Why insurance for Senior Citizen?
With a person growing, the frequency and severity of illness increases too. Thus, aged people have higher healthcare costs to bear. But more often than not, the people in this age group have no regular source of income apart from the pension. That is why, getting a health insurance at this point of time becomes almost important.
*What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?
It become difficult to get a health insurance as you grows older. Health insurance companies have designed specifically to fulfill the healthcare needs of the old aged is termed as Senior Citizen Health Insurance. The premium is bit higher than regular health insurance.
*What should I look out for in Senior Citizen insurance?
Health insurance for senior citizens comes with stringent medical check-ups, limited coverage and extensive exclusions. One should look out for the following parameters while buying it.
Entry/Exit age, Maximum renewal age, Co-payment, Domiciliary treatment
*Are premiums for senior citizen health insurance schemes costlier?
Yes, since the age matter in health insurance, premium is more compare to regular health insurance.
*Whom should I submit claims- TPA or insurance company?
Most of the claims are submitted to the TPA but some insurance company is doing in-house claim settlement.
*Do all insurance companies offer cashless hospitalization?
Yes, every good health insurance company offers this cashless facility at their network hospitals.
*Do I need to go through medical test before purchasing a health plan?
Yes, you need to go through medical test before buying a senior citizen health plan. As an old aged individual you are a riskier deal for the insurance company.

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