Individual Health Insurance

In today’s speedy life, health insurance plays a vital role in every one’s life. Today due to rising inflation rate medical treatments have become too costly. In such situation, health insurance or mediclaim come into picture. Those people who do not have any kind of health insurance or mediclaim face hardships in medical treatment that leads to the complication of situation. On the other side, people who have health insurance live a stress free and enjoy there life. Health insurance take care of your medical expenses when your are hospitalized or have any kind of diseases. It also includes the coverage over disability and long-term treatment and custodial care needs depending upon the company and the plan. It will also assist you in availing tax benefits.. Individual health insurance means a separately defined cover for each member. Individual health plan is covered to insured individual. In market, today many insurance company provide health insurance to cover entire family. An individual health cover will provide coverage to the insured against basic medical care cost. Apart from it, this will also provide additional benefits to make the coverage much more effective. The benefits of the plan vary from company to company. Customers should buy the health insurance plan as soon as possible. Early health insurance will insure customers for the lifetime.

Advantages of Health Insurance

*Faster & hassle-free claim settlement *Features like no claim bonus & restoration *No Third Party Administrator - direct in - house claims settlement *Cashless hospitalization, wherever possible *Information on health through free health magazine *24X7 Toll Free Helpline *Facility for maintaining personal health records in electronic format.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance

*Cashless facility
Every health insurance company provide cashless card also known as cashless facility. If the policyholder gets admitted in any of the network hospitals then he/she does not have to pay anything because of the facility as insurers cover such expenses.
*Room Rent Charges
Hospital costs are linked to the type of room availed e.g., Doctor’s fees in single ac room would be higher than that of shared room. Hence insurance company have put conditions for room eligibility. All costs thereafter are payable as per the eligible room rent.
*Covers pre and post hospitalization
Individual health policy may cover pre and post hospitalization expenses but depend on plan selected while taking the policy.
*No claim bonus
Nowadays, many insurance company provide no claim bonus facility to their customers. The customer will get benefits if he/she do not file any claim during the policy term.
*Tax benefits
You can avail tax benefits under section 80D when you buy a individual health insurance plan.


*Do I have to undergo any medical examination?
Medical examination may be required in some cases, based on the sum assured and the age of the person. But if your age is above 45 then insurers will ask you to undergo medical examination.
*What is meant by Pre and Post hospitalization?
Pre Hospitalisation and Post hospitalisation are additional cover benefits which the insurance company extends the policyholder whereby they provide cover for expenses covered for an illness or injury for a certain period before and after the treatment for that injury or illness is done. Pre- and Post-hospitalization expenses cover all relevant medical expenses incurred 30 days prior to hospitalization and expenses incurred during 60 days after hospitalization.
*What are the basic medical tests an adult needs to go through if it is required by the insurer?
An adult has to undergo the following medical test: Fasting Blood Sugar, Complete Blood count, Urine Routine, ECG, ESR, Serum Creatinine, SGPT, Medical Examination with BP recordings - By a physician
*What is meant by pre-existing disease or conditions?
Health insurance is a necessary expense. However, for people with pre-existing conditions, getting comprehensive health coverage can be difficult. A pre-existing condition refers to any health problem faced by the individual prior to seeking health insurance. These conditions may aggravate and lead to serious medical conditions in the future.
*What is Third Party Administrators or TPA?
A third party administrator, commonly known as TPA, is an organisation that processes claims and extends cashless facilities to the insured as a separate entity.
*What is a waiting period?
Waiting period in a health insurance policy is defined as the period of time specified which must pass before some or all of your health care coverage can begin. Hence, this is the period during which claim is not admitted.
*Can I get tax benefit on my health insurance premium?
Yes, the premiums paid for a Health Insurance Policy are exempted for Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
*Can I buy more than one Health Insurance policy?
Yes, you can have more than one Health Insurance policy. More the insurance cover more are the benefits.

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